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About Ayurveda

Ayurveda,a Sanskrit word meaning the study of prolonging life is the traditional healing method of India, and is almost as old as Indian civilization itself.In keeping with ayurveda's holistic approach to the human body and the conditions under which human beings live,the therapeutic systems that have evolved through millennia of ayurvedic teachings aim not only to cure disease itself, but also to ensure that those who receive its treatments enjoy a healthy,well-balanced life,both physically and mentally.

Our Founder

Viswakeerthy Ayurvedic Pharmacy, was founded by Dr. K. Mohammadkutty a great friend of Nature and Ayurveda. Started in 1977, as a fledgling pharmacy, Viswakeerthy today is one of the largest manufacturers of Ayurvedic Medicines with a formidable presence all over India

  • About Viswakeerthy

    Viswakeerthy Ayurvedic Pharmacy, was founded by Dr.K.Mohammadkutty a great friend of Nature and Ayurveda. Started in 1977,as a fledgling pharmacy, Viswakeerthy today is one of the largest manufacturers of Ayurvedic Medicines with a formidable presence all over India.

  • Viswakeerthy Ayurvedic Pharmacy

    The dynamic leadership of Dr. K. M. Kutty, complemented by the energetic drive of his team of young enthusiastic professionals has taken Viswakeerthy Ayurvedic Pharmacy to new heights.

  • Viswakeerthy Ayurvedic Pharmacy

    The philosophy behind the inception was to 'Serve The Humanity Through Ayurveda-The Authentic Way by propagating and practicing genuine Ayurveda and producing quality Ayurvedic medicines. Today,this philosophy has taken Viswakeerthy to new heights of Ayurvedic excellence.

  • Viswakeerthy Ayurvedic Pharmacy

    Realizing the importance of standardization of medicines and the modernization of production,Viswakeerthy took the significant step of updating the technology of the existing pharmacy and establishing a sophisticated private limited company,Viswakeerthy Herbals (India) Pvt. Ltd. at Kalpakanchery, Malappuram District of Kerala.


Our mission is to provide the medical fraternity with cost effective medicines, use the best possible technologies and strictly adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice, in order to ensure quality and for minimizing costs.



Quality Control

For us, Quality is not merely an empty slogan but a constant endeavor. We strive to set standards in quality, for others to emulate. In order to attain perfection, the company has given utmost priority to the quality aspect in all levels of its operations. Qualified and vastly experienced professionals are being engaged to ensure effective implementation of quality control procedures and methods. The technical personnel keep a constant surveillance on all the production activities starting with the receipt of raw materials to the final stages of packing, storage & dispatch. There are strict in-plant control inspections.

Quality Control

The quality control department is well equipped with state of the art instruments. The technically sound laboratory provides the effective platform in developing peerless quality related procedures.

Quality checks

Quality control is practiced at each and every stage of production. Quality checks are carried out from the time of cultivation of herbs to their collection and procurement. When the herbs reach the production stage, every level of the production process is checked thoroughly to ensure the strictest quality standards.


It is creditable that Viswakeerthy obtained the Good Manufacturing Practice (G. M. P.) Certification from the Government of Kerala (Drug Control Administration Department), within a short span of its operations.